Military Uniforms

We are the major suppliers of military fabrics, presently used by the Nigerian Army and other paramilitary organizations in the country

We are at the forefront of printing technology working with both our partners and the Nigerian Defence Headquarters. We were integral in finalising the current camouflage uniform on various fabrics from its inception and continue to be a valuable source of information and advice for all military fabrics.

We work with the latest military specifications to achieve our quality standards. Our experience and expertise within the industry are second to none.

We have been supplying the Nigerian army for decades now and we remain their reliable partner in their textile needs.

Our textile serves the military for its camouflage uniform, ceremonial uniform and office uniform.

Our textile materials can be used by the Army, Navy and Airforce personnel.

They are manufactured in high quality and our products have passed standard test procedures to certify use in the military.